At Earth Equity ALIGN DIGITAL, we are committed to positive, responsible investing – that means thoroughly researching all potential investments to make sure that they meet not just minimum standards, but are making a positive difference. Unlike competitors, we hand-pick our investment universe and don't rely on an arbitrary index to do the work for us.

Step 1. Universe

We start out by creating a list of sustainable, responsible, and impact companies. We are constantly analyzing this list to add or remove companies depending on their sustainability practices, products or ethics. Rather than cherry picking out the obvious negatives, we ask the question, "What do we WANT to own?"


Step 2. Research

We then employ a mix of fundamental stock analysis, along with enhanced environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics from multiple research sources, to assign each company a proprietary score. That score helps us to further focus the portfolio on the best of the best.


Step 3. Build

This customized universe of companies is then entered into our investment engine where our clients' portfolios are crafted to meet their unique goals.


Step 4. Balance

A diversified, risk-balanced portfolio should be more than just stocks. To balance out the risk in stock portfolios, we add ESG bonds based on the clients' risk tolerance. The more risk averse you are, the more bonds in your portfolio.


Step 5. Invest

Once your goals and risk tolerance has been determined, we'll invest your monies into your new SRI portfolio. Sometimes stock prices are high and difficult to allocate into your portfolio - that's why we use fractional shares, so you'll always get a true allocation no matter how much you invest! You'll be able to track your investment progress online to see how close you're getting to achieving your financial goals.


Step 6. Monitor & Rebalance

We regularly monitor our SRI investment universe, adding and subtracting companies based on their sustainability policies, products, services and ethics. We rebalance the portfolio to make sure that your investments are always in alignment with your goals.


Responsible Investing Performance

Since December of 2012, Earth Equity has managed the Green Sage Sustainability Portfolio. It's our firm's Signature fossil-fuel free, sustainable individual stock portfolio. Since inception, it has outperformed its benchmark, the MSCI All Cap World Index.

Align portfolios use the same universe of sustainable stocks as the Green Sage Sustainability Portfolio. The only difference is that Align portfolios are customized to your specific interests and risk tolerance using the Folio portfolio engine. Check out the latest quarterly fact sheet for more information!

Performance data from Morningstar Direct. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

Sustainability Score

Based on their holdings, our portfolios receive a Five Globe sustainability rating from Morningstar. Morningstar uses data from Sustainalytics to create this score. Our Green Sage Sustainability Portfolio has a long-term track record of consistently excellent sustainability scores relative to its benchmark as you can see in the charts. Likewise, our new Align portfolios also have excellent sustainability scores, with approximately 20% less ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) risk than its benchmark, the MSCI All Cap World Index.

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