I founded Earth Equity Advisors in 2004 to help my clients align their investments with their values. Over the past fifteen years, as the firm has grown, we have never deviated from that mission. However, it has become harder and harder to serve clients under $250,000 and still give those folks the attention they deserve.

In 2017, we decided that we were going to launch a digital investment platform. We believed that it was important for everyone to have the opportunity to invest with their values, but not everybody needs an individual financial advisor to work with. After lots of trial and error, ALIGN DIGITAL was born with the mission to provide quality investment management to anybody who was interested in responsible investing.

It's now 2020, and we're launching ALIGN, and we couldn't be prouder. Our partners at Folio have built a great investment platform that will help us to fulfill our mission - for everybody. For those of you who have been waiting for ALIGN, we appreciate your patience - We hope you'll be pleased.

Thank you for your business and your dedication to responsible investing. Since 2004, Earth Equity has worked hard to do what is right for our clients. ALIGN is a continuation of that work.