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We help people invest fossil fuel free!

Earth Equity ALIGN DIGITAL is a unique digital investing platform. We create custom socially and environmentally responsible investment portfolios to match your needs. Unlike other platforms, ALIGN offers a portfolio of individual stocks complemented by responsible ESG and green bonds designed to ALIGN with your values and risk tolerance. Plus, we're the experts - we've been specializing in responsible investing for over 16 years!

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What We Do


Fossil Fuel Free

We believe in the importance of aligning your investments with your values. That's why we never include fossil fuel companies in our portfolios - that means companies that mine, drill, process or transport coal, oil or gas; or utilities that burn coal or gas to generate electricity.

Positive, Socially Responsible

There is power in positive investing - focusing on what you want, not on what you don't want. That's why we make sure our portfolios include alternative energy, energy efficiency, water technology, natural & organic food, technology, green building & real estate and green finance. We also look for companies that are community leaders, take care of their employees and customers, source from responsible suppliers and run ethical businesses.

Customized Portfolios

Not all clients are the same, that's why we've made our portfolios flexible. You can customize your portfolio to make it cruelty free, exclude pharmaceuticals or factory farming.

You can also choose to include people-friendly companies, marijuana or higher allocations of renewable energy companies.

Green & ESG Bonds

You'll have sustainable ESG and green bonds as a part of your portfolio to have an impact. These bonds fund climate change solutions. The amount you have in your account will depend on your risk tolerance.


Innovation is at the core of our portfolios. We seek out businesses that are using innovation to solve the biggest challenges and make the world a better place.

Balance Risk

We also know that a 100% stock portfolio isn't for everybody. We offer the opportunity to balance your stock portfolio with green and other responsible bonds to moderate your risk. We want you to sleep better at night.


You Choose

Customize your sustainable portfolio to focus on what's important to you!


Step 1. Research & Model

We start by creating a universe of responsible stocks, based on our proprietary system. We then use external sources to clarify and rate these selections based on both ESG and fundamental investment metrics.


Step 2. Determine Your Goals, Values & Risk Level

You choose the goal: retirement, education, savings or something all your own. We'll then ask you questions to determine how risky your investment mix should be. Unlike other digital platforms, ALIGN offers a range of portfolio options no matter what your risk needs are. We'll also ask questions like if you would like the portfolio to be cruelty-free or focus on alternative energy.


Step 3. Invest!

Open your account online - no paper required. We'll get you invested in the most appropriate portfolio model based on your risk level, values and investment needs. And, we use fractional shares, so you'll get a true asset allocation no matter how much you invest.


Step 4. Monitor & Rebalance

Your investment model is regularly monitored and rebalanced. Hopefully you're following good financial advice and contributing to your account regularly!

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$5000 Minimum investment to get started
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*No management or account fees charged until July 2021. Internal fees are still charged on Bond ETFs held in the portfolios.

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